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Livixal-EDGE737's News

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 12th, 2021

Hey, everyone!!!~ :D I have some EXCITING news!!!~ :D For 3 days this week, (Sept. 13th, 15th, & 17th, I'm skipping even days) I will be posting nothing but Tempting Blue art!!!~ :D What the FUCK is Tempting Blue?? :O Well, It's my first cartoon project I ever worked on that's been in purgatory for 5 years, but NOW is the time I finally unleash my creation on the world! :D (... Well, not on the world, yet. I'm gonna just post up brand new drawings of my characters, concept arts, & animations to celebrate my own animated debut!~ :D This is fucking HUGE for me because I am also a cartoonist/animator who has a passion for both cartoons & anime & I want people to know that I am here. MS. LIVIXAL IS ALSO HERE!!!~ :D :D :D So, yeah. I know I've been super quiet these past 2 years I've been here, but I wasn't really quiet: I've been dormant: Waiting for my time to shine!!!~ :D Also, I want y'all to be in on the fun & celebrate with me!~ :D So I'm asking most of my watchers/fans/friends to draw fanart of my Tempting Blue characters!!!~ :D So... yeah. I'm trying to break out of the animation purgatory I've been in & show the world What. I'm. Made. Of! :D My friends, thank you for supporting me & I shall continue to draw and do the best I can & make y'all proud!!!~ :D TB's not the only cartoon I'm working on, I GOT MORE. ;3 Now my friends, spread the good name of LIVIXAL & let there be HYPE!!!~ :D I just want to make a name for myself & be more known... now is MY time to be a cartoon star!!!~ :D


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 1st, 2021

Today is September 1st, which is the start of my little event all September long called "Sci-Fi September" where I upload nothing but cool Sci-Fi stuff!!~ :D To kick things off, tonight, around 7pm, I'm gonna upload a sexy drawing of a certain futuristic female with one eye!~ :D Can you guess who it is??~ ;3 Stay tuned!!~ ;3


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - August 31st, 2021

I'm still having problems with replying to people through DM's because it said I ran out of Space... ;( I just finished deleting more old messages, but the damn thing still won't let me talk to people! ;( Anyone else have this same problem? How do I fix it? I also heard that this problem NEVER used to happen on this site, it just materialized out of nowhere-

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - August 31st, 2021

Talk to me here, folks. :3

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - August 29th, 2021

Hey guys, check out this Panty Anarchy Animation I'm working on!~ ;D https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/8399cc8e62aaaa91ba37feaa8cb26a9c

Hope y'all like! ~ :D It's still in its rough phase, but its getting there. ~ ;3

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - August 27th, 2021

Sup, y'all? :3 If you wanna talk to me, come talk to me here!~ :D

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - August 27th, 2021

I'm gonna upload a special drawing around 7pm later on, stay tuned!!~ X3


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - August 27th, 2021

Hey there, everybody!!~ XD Listen Up!~ :D I got plans I wanna tell y'all about for the ending of this month to October!!~ :D

August: For the ending of August, I will continue to pump out as much Summer/Beach related stuff as possible. On the last day, (Tuesday) All the ones I never got to post will be shown in the storage on my page. :3

*****September!!!~ is what I'm deeming as Sci-Fi month (Sci-fi September) Where I draw nothing but my favorite Sci-Fi characters, nothing but metal, cyborg, half-man, half-machine, and other cool Sci-fi stuff!~ :D

...Also, September is "Tempting Blue" Month. "Tempting Blue" is my personal cartoon project I've been working on for the past 5 years and still working on to this day that stars my blue trio!~ :D (Blue Demons Makori & Linzoree along with their Blue snake friend, Qesley) who fight crime, kill people who deserve to die, and just have fun while being a positive influence in their community. I really want to finally get this concept out there more because one day, I WILL make this show a reality!~ :D ( I already animated some fragments and actually finished the pilot, well, a rough pencil and paper version of the pilot that I will show sometime later in September) along with tons more TB stuff!!~ XD I hope y'all like my work and if you do, tell me more, ask me more about my projects and get a convo going and spread the good word of Livixal!~ XD (lol) and the word that there will be another "demon-oriented" show on the horizon!!~ :D

When I upload that pilot, I want y'all to show people and direct them to me!~ :D Please, I just want to be known and make a name for myself in animation/design/cartooning!~ :D This is my dream!~ ;D I have been stagnating in animation purgatory for YEARS now, hopefully, TB will be my big break along with the 10 other cartoon ideas I have in store!!~ :D

***October: Will. be. BATTY!!!~>;3 Nothing but vampires, succubi and nudity. ;3

November: Nothing. Just wholesome, sfw things while taking a break from drawing. November is wholesome month, y'all. ~ ;3


***January: NEW YEARS,MOTHERFUCKERS!!!~ XD Start 2022 with an even bigger bang!!~ XD

***February: Valentine, lovey-dovey stuff!~ ;3

March and other months...Eh. We'll see what happens. :3

...Welp. Those are mah plans, everybody!!~ :D Please spread this journal or stay tuned!~ :3 Sometimes, I feel like I'm doing all this work and it feels like I'm not seen... ;(


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - August 27th, 2021

@Reit9 Hey dude!!~ :D Good news! I'm gonna re-work on this old drawing for you!!~ https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/c17f1cd3b8f33008fb9f50fc798cc279

Hope ya like the progress!!~ X3

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - August 25th, 2021

@Nami955 Hey Girl!~ :D Here's a WIP of my drawing of Lily for you, I hope you like it!!~ :D https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/e086e7733b3cccc2a4faaef9559d5a3d