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Livixal-EDGE737's News

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - January 31st, 2022

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - January 31st, 2022

I'm ending off January with some of my best, mostly finished art!!~ ;3 Stay Tuned!!~ X3


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - January 1st, 2022

FUCK YEAH!!!~ XD The cancer known as 2021 is over and DONE!!~ XD Here's to a Brighter Future in 2022!!!~ X3 Alrighty, everyone!!~ :D I am in better spirits!!~ XD I am gonn upload as many drawings today as possible!!~ XD Anyways!~ ;3 So...Anyone got any New Years Reso-LEWD-tions?? ~ ;3 Heh heh!!~ XD Well, I wanna continue to draw and have fun!!~ XD & Hopefully become an animator and get my cartoon ideas soaring into the sky!!~ :D All while making even more friends and having even more fun!!~ X3 Everyone, let's make 2022 even GRANDER than last year!!~ XD Full Metal Titties Ablazing. ~ ;3

...That is all. ;3



@MKMaffo Hey, dude!!~ :D Happy New Year and here's my FnF fanart!!~ ;3 https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/livixal-edge737/fnf-fanart-d-for-mkmaffo Hope ya Like!!~ XD


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - December 31st, 2021

Happy New Years Eve, everyone!!~ :D...

............................ This year was fucking TRASH for the most part, but there were some good things to come out of it...............

Ahem! Anyways! I've come to make an announcement: I'm gonna upload TONS of new drawings for the New Year of 2022!!!~ XD Literally a drawing every minute, every hour, all day, tommorow. ~ ;3 Stay Tuned, Y'all! ~ ;3 See ya in the next! XD ... That is all. ;3



Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - December 29th, 2021

Hey, guys!!~ :D Today's my Birthday!!!~ X3


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - December 25th, 2021

Hey, everyone!! ~ :D Merry Fucking Christmas!!~ XD BE-HO HO HOLD!!~ ;3 I'm on a Christmas Drawing roll right now, pumping out as much new art as possible!!~ X3 Anyways, I hope y'all like my work and I will continue to do well!!~ ;3 Also, everyone, I hope y'all enjoy Christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate. Stay safe, peace and love, all that good stuff. ;3



Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - December 24th, 2021

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!!~ :D Tommorow, I'm gonna upload TONS of Christmas Drawings!!~ X3

So, Stay Tuned!!~ X3


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - December 9th, 2021

@Derangedmisfit Hey dear!~ ;3 I said I'd draw your character!!~ :D


I plan on drawing her digitally for New Years/or will post these same sketches to my page then!~ ;3 I hope you like this!!~ X3 I just fucking LOVE her concept!~ XD Sexy girl + Pop-tarts + Guns... A brilliant combination if I do say so myself!~ X3 ^^ Sexxxcellent job, my friend!!~ ;3 Also...I drew Lindsey with her in one of these sketches, lol. ^^


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - December 7th, 2021

Yo! @MKMaffo Hey, dude! ~ :D Told ya I'd draw GF in your outfit!!~ ;3 https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/3f3c0586a21922fb4f20876b1cc55fa2 (This is the first original sketch I did.)

This is where it's really at!!~ ;D https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/e7811cc3b445074717e3a589a16985ba

I'm showing you this sneak peak SUPER early because I'm gonna upload this to my profile on the first of next month. ;3 Didn't want to keep you waiting till then for no reason, so I'm showing you this now!!~ :D I hope you like this!!~ :D

This was very fun to draw!!~ :D I never drew any Friday Night Funkin Fanart till now, hehe!!~ ^^"

Also, I love your work!!~ X3

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - November 9th, 2021

@YonusBahtzee Hey, dude!!~ :D Told ya I'd draw your character!!~ ;3 I hope you like it!!~ ;3 https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/livixal-edge737/80-s-aerobics-girl-d

She was a ton of fun to draw!!~ ;3