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Livixal-EDGE737's News

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 29th, 2021

Guys, Today is Cuphead's 4th Anniversary!!~ :D I wonder if that show is coming out today!~ :O

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 27th, 2021

Hey there, everyone!!~ :D Today's the last day of Sci-Fi September and I'm just gonna finish uploading everything I can!!~ :D Also!!!~ :D October is almost here & I'm gonna ROCK Halloween this year!!~ ;3 Stay tuned...~ ;3

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 23rd, 2021

Guys, today is Sonic CD's 28th Anniversary!!!~ :D


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 21st, 2021

@Nami955 Hey, girl!~ :D I got good news!!~ X3 I recently got back to finishing up my Lily fanart for you and I wanna tell you that I'm gonna release it sometime next month in October, but here's what I got this time!~ :D https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/9a7786958eca62c54c7c6f4337f36426 I hope you like what I have so far and stay tuned!!~ X3


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 15th, 2021

@JuanHelsing Nah, I didn't gift you with supporter status, dude! :3 I don't know how! :O However, I did like your comment congratulating someone for their support status. :3


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 14th, 2021

@Ozone Hello, dude! :3 I saw you had a scared emoticon when you reacted to my post about my own cartoon idea! ;( I was worried about why you had that reaction & I'm writing this to ask you what about my animation scared you? ;( (Is it the demons/demonic stuff?) I didn't mean to scare anyone, I just wanted to show people what I can do in animation! Seriously, I'm curious! :3 Did you like my animation? :3 That's it's rough form, but I assure you it will look better when I work on it more!~ ;D I'm trying to be a cartoonist too & show people my work to try & gain some recognition!~ :D


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 13th, 2021

I am very excited and pleased to show you all the rough pencil-and-paper animatic I've worked on for my cartoon, Tempting Blue!~ :D https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/e779d9887714db1f0615f45df42368c5

294 frames in all!!~ :D This is the FULL origin story of Makori, Lindzoree, & Qesley!!~ :D I hope y'all like!!~ :D Tell me if y'all want to know more about my characters and talk to me and support me! Your interest gives me drive to keep going!!~ :D

Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 13th, 2021

@igotwood Hey, dude! I :D I can't reply to anyone through DM's anymore because the site ran out of space, so reply to me here! How are you? ~ ;3


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 12th, 2021

Hey, everyone!!!~ :D I have some EXCITING news!!!~ :D For 3 days this week, (Sept. 13th, 15th, & 17th, I'm skipping even days) I will be posting nothing but Tempting Blue art!!!~ :D What the FUCK is Tempting Blue?? :O Well, It's my first cartoon project I ever worked on that's been in purgatory for 5 years, but NOW is the time I finally unleash my creation on the world! :D (... Well, not on the world, yet. I'm gonna just post up brand new drawings of my characters, concept arts, & animations to celebrate my own animated debut!~ :D This is fucking HUGE for me because I am also a cartoonist/animator who has a passion for both cartoons & anime & I want people to know that I am here. MS. LIVIXAL IS ALSO HERE!!!~ :D :D :D So, yeah. I know I've been super quiet these past 2 years I've been here, but I wasn't really quiet: I've been dormant: Waiting for my time to shine!!!~ :D Also, I want y'all to be in on the fun & celebrate with me!~ :D So I'm asking most of my watchers/fans/friends to draw fanart of my Tempting Blue characters!!!~ :D So... yeah. I'm trying to break out of the animation purgatory I've been in & show the world What. I'm. Made. Of! :D My friends, thank you for supporting me & I shall continue to draw and do the best I can & make y'all proud!!!~ :D TB's not the only cartoon I'm working on, I GOT MORE. ;3 Now my friends, spread the good name of LIVIXAL & let there be HYPE!!!~ :D I just want to make a name for myself & be more known... now is MY time to be a cartoon star!!!~ :D


Posted by Livixal-EDGE737 - September 1st, 2021

Today is September 1st, which is the start of my little event all September long called "Sci-Fi September" where I upload nothing but cool Sci-Fi stuff!!~ :D To kick things off, tonight, around 7pm, I'm gonna upload a sexy drawing of a certain futuristic female with one eye!~ :D Can you guess who it is??~ ;3 Stay tuned!!~ ;3